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Letter frrom the South Pole by Emma Drew, as Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill attempt to reach both South and North Poles on one trip, in a Bell 407.

Record-breaking helicopter pilots Jennifer Murray and Colin Bodill have reached the South Pole. Arriving at 5am (GMT) on Sunday 7th January, this marks a significant milestone in their attempt to set a new world record for flying around the world via the South and North Poles in a Bell Helicopter 407.

This is the pilots’ second attempt to set this record, their 2003 attempt ending in near disaster when on December 20th, 58 days into their journey and two days after reaching the South Pole, they crashed in whiteout conditions on the Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica. Both pilots sustained serious injuries and their crash was reported by media around the globe. Many might have called it a day after such an experience but Jennifer, 66 years old, and Colin, 55 years old, were determined to reattempt the challenge.

Talking via satellite phone from the South Pole, Jennifer says, "It’s a terrific feeling to have made it to the South Pole. Bad weather conditions...

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