The Editor's Letter

Georgina Hunter-Jones

This year is the anniversary of one hundred years of helicopter flying, as celebrated by Gunther Winkle in his article, From Cornu to Cornucopia. Most people know the date of the Wright brothers’ Flyer flight, but few know that the first helicopter flight was in 1907, indeed some may even dispute the date or even that the flight took place.

The current dispute in UK Aviation, however, seems to be over the definition of what are ‘brown field sites’. Last year, there was alarm amongst aviators over the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister's proposals to classify airfields as brown field sites for the purposes of planning approval. If carried through, this would mean that any scheme to develop a General Aviation airfield for housing or industrial purposes could be passed with very little regard to its amenity value.

As a result of the earlier outcry by the GA community, the inclusion of airfields in the list was said to be a mistake...

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