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Dr Dave Parry

Dr Dave Parry, looks at some of the things we eat and drink before flying and how this affects our performance while up in the air

Last issue I wrote about the refurbishment and spraying of a Jet Ranger by D&G. My familiar territory, being a doctor, is, unsurprisingly, medical though. I’ve had a long passion and involvement in many aspects of human performance and enhancement. When I started flying, it became apparent that this interest was very applicable.

Therefore, I’d like to give a brief overview of how you can improve your energy and concentration levels, be healthier and improve your flying safety and pleasure. Like an engine, your body and mind is efficient when it receives the correct fuel, at metered levels and regular intervals. Babies have this naturally programmed and demand feeding at approximately 3-hour intervals.

This is inconvenient to adults and we gradually re-educate them to allow us to sleep through the night and not to bebody best functions. Yes you can eat near bedtime (unless a specific medical condition contraindicates). Think about the blueprints of nature again...

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