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Helicopter Life

Winter 2007

The Editor's Letter
Letters to the Editor
Heldair Maritiem
Arjan Dijksterhuis on the yearly show
50 Years of flying
Middle Wallop celebrates 50 years of Army Air Corps Flying
Irish Air Corp
A visit to the Irish Air Corps as they change from the Alouette to the AW139/EC135
Women fly the World
Clare Walker reports on Women in Aviaition
Oshkosh or Bust
Five helicopters fly from France to the USA via Greenland
House and Helicopter
An Augusta A109 in Greenland
Flying the Bell Cobra
Rainer Herzberg flies with test pilot Blacky Schwarz
Counter Intuitive Helicopter?
Flying counter-rotating helicopters
Bundespolizei Mountain Flying
With the German police....
Helitech Duxford
All the latest news from the lastest show
The Editor reports on this growing company and the London Heliport
Helicopters on mountains
Tomy Bowman's report on Aeromega's trip
Accident Reports
Read and learn from other peoples bad days
Just Another Saturday
A day in the life of a public minded pilot
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HON. EDITORIAL BOARD Captain Eric Brown, CBE, RN; The Lord Glenarthur, DL; Jennifer Murray; Michael J. H. Smith; Wing Cdr. Ken Wallis, MBE, RAF EDITOR-IN-CHIEF / PILOT Georgina Hunter-Jones CREATIVE DIRECTOR Hilaire Dubourcq COPY EDITOR Evangeline Hunter-Jones, JP CONTRIBUTORS Brian Allinson, Lisa Brand Di Giovanna, Capt Eric Brown, Jamie Chalkley, Dr Bruce Charnov, John Clements, Kate Crewdson, Jim Di Giovanna, Arjan Dijksterhuis, Bryn Elliott, Mark Evers, Janie Foster, The Lord Glenarthur, Ray Godfrey, Antoine Grondeau, Neil Harrison, Adam Hitchcox, Mark James, Dr Gill Jenkins, Dennis Kenyon, Prof Tony Marmont, John Matchatt, Aimee Moore, Diana Moxon, Jennifer Murray, Alan Norris, Charles Priestley, Air Marshal P. Rajkumar, Robin Renton, K.P. Rice, Denys Shortt, Leon Smith, Jan Willem Stuurman, Leslie Symons, Willie Turner, Hubert van Es, Wing Cdr Ken Wallis PUBLISHERS FlyFizzi Ltd.

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