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Disaster Strikes Farnborough

…Power cut stops play! Yup, it rained at Farnborough and the resulting power cut meant we were all sent home! Yet another triumph for Britain 2016.


However, there were some good things – I had a nice lunch at Leonardo (what was once AgustaWestland) and, even after the throw-out, a kind girl gave me a bottle of water when I felt faint.

There was also a V-280 briefing at Bell, rather similar to the one at HAI Heli Expo, and an explanation by Leonardo of why they have changed their name from AgustaWestland and then Finmeccanica and (although this was, naturally, not explained) put in an anti-corruption concept.


OK, basically Farnborough 11th July 2016 was a waste of time, and indeed most people spent their first two hours in the traffic waiting for the buses from the station to get the 2 miles to the airport. Why, when this is not the first ever Farnborough (is it?) have they not been able to find a way of overcoming these predictable delays? The exhibitors, visitors and press (many of whom had paid heavily to be there) then had about three hours at the show before the rain, and the resulting power cut , made the organisers decide to shut down the whole show. WHY? Why in 2016 is the UK still unable to deal with the rain… obviously it hardly ever rains here…

2016 is the latest annus horribilis, but even given Brexit, descending pounds and general misery, Farnborough could surely have learnt from its past issues and managed to cope with traffic, rain and power failures?

Roll on day two… what else can happen?


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