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Rotorway Training

Been training on the Rotorway Exec 90. This is the oldest version of the Rotorways available in the UK, the most common is the 162F and the most uptodate is the Talon (A600). There are varying differences between the three models available in the UK but the problem with the Exec 90 is that is it somewhat powerless… which can be pretty problematic in high winds, especially when you have (as one has to from time to time) to turn downwind.

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We had lots of good flying. The first day was natural Rotorway weather – light winds and moderate temperatures – perfect for a low powered light  helicopter. We did all the exercises with great panache, wonderful weather.

The next day was windier and we had to play with the up and down drafts, turn into wind when running out of power and expect to find the control column (cyclic) in our stomachs, it was a much harder environment for the student, but it worked and we were able to overcome the challenge of sloping ground, steep turns and autorotations.

Overall, though, the most important thing in the Exec 90 is throttle control, and my student was extremely good at that. Master throttle control and you are on your way to be a contented Rotorway owner.

So, a new student trained and a machine has a happy owner. The Rotorway is what it is – a low powered, cheap and kit built machine, but marvellous for the price, which can be as low as £23,000. You get what you pay for in helicopters.File 07-08-2016, 21 44 40


3 thoughts on “Rotorway Training

  1. Russ Horner says:

    Not a very flattering Training Blog Just thought I should correct the author on a few points, the Rotorway Exec 90 is NOT the oldest version Rotorway in the UK there are a couple Scorpion’s then you have the Exec the Exec 90, 162F and now the A600 Talon, the Exec 90 has more than adequate power with full fuel and weight so if you are struggling with power issues you either have an older machine, or your over loading it, max weight pilot/student is 425lbs I own an Exec 90 and over the 3 years of ownership I’ve flown over 200 hours I have never had power issues with wind or without, hot days or cold days, for me she has been the perfect machine, yes it is manual throttle and once you have understood and mastered that it makes you a better pilot and remembering to put right peddle in with power, not left, a decent flying, permitted Exec 90 will set you back £27K + the 162F £35K + so if you find a permitted, flying one at £23K please let me know. Enjoy your flying, stay safe

    1. Russ Horner says:

      PS I wasn’t aware it was possible to officially train on the Rotorway yet, due to lack of instructors.

    2. Editor says:

      While the Exec 90 has enough power to fly per se, the intention of the article was to underline how much more power there is in the subsequent versions of the machine. As with all helicopter flying you get what you pay for. This is a low price, low power helicopter, there are more expensive models which give you more power and thus more freedom.

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