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HelicopterLife is a lifestyle magazine produced in the UK.


Since the last issue I have been doing a type rating on the Cabri G2, a machine which may well come to be the R22 of the future. One of my greatest joys in learning to fly the G2 was using the flight manual, which really needs a native English speaker to go through it and make a few changes, but is, nonetheless, delightful! Here I learnt to “roll-off throttle frankly” when doing “autorotation practice abortion” (painful!) And that the G2 has “no natural tendency to depart in roll or pitch”. There are many others and I hope that when it is, as it inevitably will be, put into proper English, the older version will be kept…

“Do not worry for very fast engine acceleration” when restarting the engine in flight.

When shutting down in windy conditions (the Cabri has been demonstrated up to 40 knots) you should “apply rotor brake frankly from the specified speed”.


Cabri speak:

Helicopters Guimbal demonstrated a good behavior of the engine in extreme manoeuvres during Cabri G2 development flight testing but the engine manufacturer does not guarantee its homogeneous behaviuor during such manoeuvres particularly regarding its carburetor.


NB the manual could do with being rewritten by a native English speaker.. my favourite Franglais is “Roll-off throttle frankly” presumably giving some offence to sensitive souls.

For a forgiving practice, respect a minimum of 5 feet