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How Strange to Cancel the Games at HeliExpo 2016

How strange to cancel the helicopter games / races because they need the area for parking. Is that fixed wing parking? Because if it was helicopter parking it would surely be self defeating – we cancel the helicopter games to make room for more helicopters to park, however, now there are no games fewer helicopters are going to come to the meeting….

Right now the world, and more especially the UK, is a very strange place. I wonder if, unbeknowst to us, our government has been overtaken by the Stepford Wives and this has trickled down to various unexpected bodies…. I’m waiting for Junker to become the new conservative leader and hence PM of the UK… after all we don’t have anyone else much to offer so why not have someone thrown out of power in Luxembourg, unpopular in the EU and on morally dodgy ground everywhere. Sounds like an easy competitor for Grove, Boris, and even La Corbyn…

Anyway, back to the helicopter show… Helicopter Life will be there games or no games, so come and visit us at booth C25. If the weather is good enough I shall be flying in in a Cabri G2, but if not I expect to make a much slower journey in the Volkswagen… at least I remain in Europe whether in the car or in the air! Come and see us…

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