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Cabri G2 Carbon Monoxide warning

I was flying the Cabri a couple of days ago, when, where the EGT sign normally is, a light orange box came up with CO in it. This is a Carbon Monoxide warning! It came up as we took off, was there until we had left the circuit and then cleared itself. For a while, I wondered whether to return to the airfield, but I had had a previous similar CO warning in the R44 a few flights ago. That too cleared itself and, after talking to an engineer on the field, I concluded that it was simply the result of sitting with the helicopter idling in exhaust gases.

Even though the warning was temporary and I felt it was OK to ignore it does reinforce in my mind the feeling that the Cabri needs a few things tweeked before it becomes a perfect training machine.

The CO warning comes out where the EGT normally is

The CO warning shows where the EGT letters are in normal flight


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