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Interesting to see how Rotorways have improved

Yesterday, I flew one of the oldest Rotorway Exec 90s I have ever seen. Built in the 1980s, it is set ‘back’ with a lower tail-boom than the current models, a problem exacerbated by the low skids. This is so much the case that its tail skid is only a few inches from the ground and makes any type of hard flare in autorotation impossible – expect a run-on landing! This exec also has a lot of eccentric finishings, including this door attachment which looks as though it was previously used as a dead bolt – bit too heavy for such a small helicopter.

As you would expect in such an old machine there is a fair amount of vibration – it has not flown for many years – and all the controls were very stiff. It seems that the Rotorway manufacturers have made great improvements over the years and, although I still have not flown the Talon, the 162 is a big step up in flying characteristics… much smoother, far less vibration, easier to land, generally a better feeling machine.

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