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Flying the Dynali H3 Easy in Belgium

Went flying today at the Dynali factory in Belgium. Four years ago I flew both the Dynali H2S, a standard light helicopter with a 180 hp Subaru engine, and the H3, the company’s first attempt at making an ultralight helicopter. Today, Dynali are no longer building the H2S, as the paperwork has become too restrictive, but are instead concentrating their efforts on the Ultralight category H3.

The result is a much improved helicopter with less vibration, easy pedal control, lowers noise levels and much better pitch control than in the previous H3. I had a couple of very good flights. In the second flight instructor Francis Huchette, who is an ultralight pilot, taught me how ultralight fliers manage the machine. This is in some ways a different method of flying a helicopter, because you are always aware that the engine could fail, and hence you fly defensively. Thus, we came in to land high and fast but with a very good sense of where exactly we were going to stop. This was especially true in the autorotation, where we dropped down from 1000 feet, going 100 – 120 kms an hour, then flared gently but steadily at the bottom, because of the shape of the machine and the drag ratio, we were at zero forward speed when we levelled the skids.

I feel that if there was an Ultralight category for helicopters in the UK, this machine would sell well.2017-08-24-08-58-30

For more on this helicopter see Helicopter Life magazine Autumn and Winter issues 2017.



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