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Aero @ Friedrichshafen 2018

Great day at Friedrichshafen, near Lake Constance, in Germany, where Aero was in session at the new Messe. Good collection of wild and wacky new helicopter ideas, as well as some incredibly safe and sensible ideas.

Discopter Air Taxi concept

Whisper from Avingnon

Whisper is an innovation from EAC, a French company, who envisage running the machine with eight rotors and four battery packs.

Detail of Whisper’s rotor. 

Zefhir, unveiled today by Curti Aerospace Divison

Zefhir is a two seat turbine engine ultralight with a FADEC running and starting system and a ballastic parachute in case of trouble.

Konner K1, like the Zefhir from Italy, is a composite two seat ultralight with a turbine engine, and there is also a four seat version K2

Konner K2

Counter-rotating helicopter

Flysub from Hungary

For all this and more see Helicopter Life summer 2018 edition, out in June/July


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