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Helicopter Life Summer 2021


There have been a lot of sad things in the last few
month. Not least the withdrawal from Afghanistan and
its overrunning by the Taliban. David Oliver’s story
Death of an Air Force looks at and explains much of the
story behind the withdrawal. Obviously there is still a lot
more information that we do not know and that will come
out in the future,
COVID is still with us, although regulations are now
much easier and things are moving towards some kind of
normality. For those in the UK BREXIT has made a significant
difference to peoples lives and flying. For changes in
regulations see the CAA website:
There are slow but significant increases in the change of
fuel usage. Everywhere we see a growing number of electric
car changing points and in this issue of Helicopter Life
we have articles on the use of hydrogen, and electricity in
aircraft. There is also an article on how the infrastructure
may change in the future to accommodate different types of
flying including self propelling aircraft and cars.
This is also the year of 50 year celebrations
And, although it is only sounds like 50 Helicopter Life
has been published for more than 15 years!

Happy Flying. Happy writing.


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